Improve Sport Performance

No matter what your sport or activity is, Viable Strength can help prepare you for it. Viable Strength believes in both GPP (general physical preparedness) and SPP (specific physical preparedness).

1. Assumes a general physical preparedness level for a particular sport.
2. Will incorporate movement based drills directly applicable to sports.
3. Program will develop strength and mobility for sport specific injury prevention.
4. Recognizes speed is an essential component of all sport.
5. Will include a higher percentage of mobility training required for sport.
6. Must produce season specific results (i.e. in-season, championships ,off-season)
7. Exercise inclusion must have a high degree of carry over to sport played.


Play Better, Harder, and Longer

Muscular strength endurance and conditioning is critical for not only the athlete, but non-athlete as well. We train our clients to perform well, to be mentally tough and physically durable.

1. Focuses on a wider range of movements.
2. May include both weight and bodyweight training
3. Typically uses higher repetition ranges, often greater than 8.
4. May use a circuit style of training to produce greater effort in reduced time.
5. Often has a cardiovascular conditioning element included.
6. Rest periods are often short.
7. May include specific hypertrophy training to generate additional body mass.


Build Power and Strength

Viable Strength uses a variety of methods to increase power. We continue to learn from the leaders in powerlifting to provide you programming to increase maximal strength and explosive power.

1. Powerlifting is an efficient way to develop Maximal Strength.
2. It utilizes compound movements that work the major muscles and joints.
3. The movements mimic jumping, pushing and pulling.
4. All bodyparts are worked heavily.
5. Provides a sound foundation for all strength work.
6. Typically uses lower repetition ranges, often between 1-6.
7. Rest periods are generally longer than other types of training.



The Mind

Absolutely, the most overlooked component of training is your Mind.  While training, state of mind can be a positive powerful resource or a negative destructive hindrance to your performance.  Your state of mind can affect your focus, determination, ability to execute, ability to perceive and neuromuscular efficiency.  In very simplistic terms, if you don’t believe you can, you won’t.  That is not to say the opposite is true, but setting preconceived limits on your abilities is absolutely the worst thing that an individual can do.  Everyday, records are broken and the previously impossible performed.   Human potential is largely unknown.  Never ever limit your belief system.

SAID Principle

This is the foundation of all training.  In other words, Specific Adaptations to Increased Demands means that your training outcomes will be dictated by your training protocols.  As simple as this concept is, it is often lost in the haze of new theories or training routines consistently being espoused by trainers.  In the simplest of words, you become what you train for.  Specificity is the key principle.

General Physical Preparedness

Without a solid, general base of physical fitness, encompassing running, jumping, throwing, climbing, and lifting, your ability to perform movement based activity will be impaired.  These activities must be present before training movement under load, be it weights or gear.


This element is critical to maximizing the benefits of training.  It will enable greater recruitment of the primary muscles used in a given movement while reducing the individual’s risk of injury.  Masters of any endeavor make the task look simple not only because of their repetitive training but because they have mastered perfect technique and have become supremely efficient in their movements.  Very little energy in their movements is wasted.


Training sessions and duration should be dictated by an individual’s ability to recuperate.  To train the body when it is not maximally recovered is to invite poor technique, postural problems, poor performance and ultimately injuries.

Warm-ups, cool downs, re-hab, pre-hab and mobility movements are key ingredients to maintaining a healthy, limber and structurally sound and functional body.  These items are often considered as extras but should be thought of as essential to the maintenance of the body as a whole.


Physical effort should be determined by the training phase and positioning in the program periodization schedule.  Although obvious in print, intensity is inversely proportional to duration.  Practically, intensity is dependent on several factors; state of mind, state of physical being, and energy available.


Eating and drinking the correct foods and in the correct proportions is critical to superior performance.  Top level athletes, for the most part, maintain a high level of nutrition.  Training without adequate nutrition impairs not only the recovery process but significantly reduces the beneficial effects of the training.


Studies have shown that the lack of at least 8 hours of sound restful sleep can impair performance significantly.  This is especially true for the youth to young adult population as their bodies are growing naturally.  The demands of additional physical exercise increase the requirements for this group by as much as 2 hours.  Don’t believe me? Ask a teenager.

Viable Strength Is Exclusive

The memberships that we provide are limited, and for a good reason. We want you to succeed, because we rely on your success. Your goals become our goals. With small, focused member groups, our attention is on your performance at all times. If you have a burning desire to get strong, and an appetite for hard work, we're the place you want to be. Get in while you can. Space is limited.