What Our Clients Say

I have been training with Curt for seven months now. Curt worked with me early on to identify a training program and provide a timeline for my goals. Curt preaches QUALITY movements and proper technique to maximize training and minimize the chance of injury. Curt possesses a wealth of knowledge in the strength training world, and constantly works to obtain new information that benefit his clients. I can confidently say my time with Curt and Viable Strength has given me the results I was seeking. Curt creates a program unique to each client, and allocates much of his time outside the gym to ensuring his clients attain their goals inside of it. I recommend Viable Strength to anyone looking for high quality personal instruction and a well structured training program.

Ben Russell May 1st, 2017

When our son was accepted to the Royal Military College, we knew that he needed to build his fitness to help him succeed. Curt worked very closely with us to develop a program that not only worked on his strength and fitness but to also build up much needed lean muscle. Within less than 4 months of the personal training program - our son went to basic training and on the first fitness test, passed with flying colours and in the top 30%. Not only did Curt provide the much needed expertise for the physical development but he also helped our son develop the mindset to dig deep and to be confident. Thanks Curt!

Susan May Wery July 18, 2017

I have been with Curt for just over 1 month now. The results have been surprising, but the results don't come without hard work. Curt does many things well that lead to these results; he encourages a positive environment and knows when to push you to reach your top potential. He devotes much of his time and effort into the programming before you even begin your workout. Curt has a wide knowledge of various training regiments depending on your goals. He is constantly researching current excercise science concepts and attends many high performance seminars. His attitude, knowledge and programming are critical to achieving the best results. I personally recommend Viable Strength, and Curt Brownlee. I will be working with Curt for the foreseeable future.

Ben Merchant January 8, 2017

I have been working out with Curt for just over two months. I have made great progress with him in this short time. He is very knowledgable about strength training and puts together a customized workout for me for each session. Safety is very important to him and ensures that form and technique are of primary focus. He ensure that he gives each client the attention they need. I never feel rushed. If a workout is taking longer he always gives me the time to complete the session by having a buffer between clients. Curt is passionate about strength training. He is excited to help his clients improve. I find his rates very reasonable for the the knowledge and time he provides each client. I always look forward to my sessions with him and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking high quality personal strength training.

Stephanie Smith February 20th, 2017

Training under Curt has been an awesome experience. He has helped me gain a lot of muscle. His workouts are extremely well thought out and precise. He is always right there to give advice and help you understand the technique of the exercise being performed. He is very intelligent and knows a great deal about the human body. Curt is very knowledgeable and extremely nice and I have enjoyed every single workout with him. If you are looking to get stronger I would recommend working with him!

Josh Witten May 8th, 2016

I began training with Curt Brownlee at Viable Strength in January of 2015 with the goal of being bigger and stronger than I had ever been, after being tired of the small and scrawny person that I was. Curt and I had discussed my goals, and guaranteed me the results I was looking for as long as I was willing to put in the work. In the time that I have been training with Curt so far, he is always there encouraging me, challenging me, and answering any questions or concerns that I have. He is very supportive, motivating and I can say that I always look forward to training with him. Not only have I managed to gain a significant amount of strength and muscle, more than I have ever had, I have also gained knowledge, motivation and confidence in doing certain tasks and continue to do so with every session. I look forward to where I will be by the end of the year. If you’re looking for guaranteed results with a coach, who is very knowledgeable, genuinely cares, and you’re willing to put the work in, then Curt at Viable Strength is for you.

Stephan Kissoon May 8, 2016