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I’m Curt Brownlee. Here’s a little bit of my back story. I’ve always been active and had a lot of energy. As a child, 6-10 years old, my parents enrolled me in local Georgetown programs to help me burn it off. During the summer I took swimming lessons at the outdoor Dick Lacatta Pool and played little league baseball at the Fairgrounds. During the winter I played house league hockey, poorly, as well as participating in a gymnastics program, run at the time in the Georgetown high school. I also continued with my swimming lessons. The reason I mention this is that kids played multiple sports, and sports specialization wasn’t even in the vocabulary at the time.

During my middle school years, ages 11-13, I still took swimming lessons, and participated in the following school sports; hurdles, volleyball and gymnastics. I continued playing hockey, and was improving gradually. I was thin for my age and began weight training when I was 13. I loved the challenge of moving more weight each session and gradually putting on some added muscle and weight.

During my early high school years I continued my swimming lessons, but was becoming more focused on hockey. My strength training was paying dividends and I gradually worked my way on to Select and then Rep teams. I became a member of the high school gymnastics team and a competitive bodybuilder. In grade 12 and 13 I drove to Guelph 4 to 5 times a week to train at the Matador Fitness Center run by a former Mr. Canada.

After high school and college, I continued to lift weights, raised a family, coached house league hockey for several years, and was an assistant volleyball coach for the Georgetown Impact for a couple of seasons. I was also a Halton Hills Volunteer Firefighter for 5 years and competed in the Firefit Combat Challenge when I was 39 years old. My time of 2min:27sec:50 was the best of all the Halton Hills Firefighters, and some were literally half my age. The temperature on the day of the competition was about 30 degrees Celsius with 100% humidity. The announcer reported that inside our bunker gear the temperature was approx. 71 degrees Celsius. In 1999, we ran it in our regular gear including rubber boots, not the specialized gear used in todays competitions.

I’ve also taken parachuting lessons and in 2013 participated in a 3 day Combat Weapons Training course run by Retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Don Shipley. Check out Extreme Seal Experience. I am always looking for new and exciting experiences and like to challenge myself.

I have an extensive library of training materials and remain a student, as I am constantly learning. Below are some of my certifications. I also have a Halton Regional Police Service Records Check, often required for Volunteers dealing with youth.

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